Arcos Spanish “Capaora”

3 de January de 2014

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Arcos “Navaja Capaora” o “lengua de vaca” – Spaying knife or Cow’s tongue
Brand: Arcos
Model: Capaora, lengua de vaca
Blade: Stainless stell
Tang print: inox Arcos Albacete
Handle: faux mother-of-pearl
Origin: Albacete, Spain

Bio: “Arcos” has been manufacturing quality knifes since 1745 in Albacete Spain. Not much information available on this item, since “Arcos” seems to have stopped producing other than kitchen cuttlery. – This is a treasured present from a very special person.


Found this poem while researching for info on this knife, and it makes all sense sharing it here. 🙂


I use a simple knife
Without fancy locks or Kraton© scales
It doesn’t have a space-age blade
That chops through cars or cuts through nails

I use a simple knife
It requires no special gadgets to hone
I use two hands to open it
But it did not cost me a fortune to own

I use a simple knife
It’s razor-sharp and locks with a clasp
Its looks won’t win high-tech awards
But its touch will make a strong man gasp

I use a simple knife
One called a navaja throughout Spain and France
It’s made from humble wood and steel
But when it strikes … you’ll have no second chance.

Originally composed by James in 2006 | Published in “The Ravenblade”:

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