Carl Friedrich Ern – Fishing Boss

22 de September de 2014

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A solid little German folding knife

Maker: C Friedrich ERN
Blade: Stainless steel
Blade type: Clip Point
Tang stamp: logo with a Scimitar (Turkish sword) bearing a crown, with the word “ERN” below
Handle: Plastic, black. “Fishing Boss” print in gold.
Origin: Solingen, Germany




С.Friedrich Ern, Ern-Rasiermesserfabrik
Registered on December, 4th 1874, Solingen, Germany

Firm C Friedrich ERN, Wald Solingen is one of the best, the oldest in Solingen and the most known manufacturers of open razors.

The company has arisen from small grinding service near to Haan, in Ernenkotten where Carl Wilhelm Ern has employed to itself the master-polisher on surname Voos.

Officially grinding service worked since 1848, and larger buildings in which Carl Wilhelm worked with four sons have been constructed. One of them, Nathanael Ern (1822-1878), was successful grinder, but with 1860 it made production only for greater enterprises, including for Henckels Zwillingswerk. In Ernenkotten at Nathanael Ern its senior son Carl Friedrich Ern (1850-1924) who subsequently and has glorified firm C Friedrich ERN.

During board of the Third Reich the firm was not engaged in manufacturing of knifes, but on HJ a knife there was mark ERN, Solingen and a sword with a crown. Pocket knifes also were branded by trade mark ERN. To 1940 firm represented only two trading marks: “a crown and short asian sword” and “an eagle with the snake”.

The factory exists till now, its contact information: 1A Carl Friedrich Ern Versand GmbH, z. Hd. Frau Giannou, Wittkuller Straße, 51, 42719, Solingen, tel. 0212/38070.

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  1. Hi there i have inherited a knife from my grandparents.
    I was wondering if you have any info on it??
    It has a swird and crown wirh ERN on 1 side.
    And germany on other side.
    I can send photos if need be

  2. La Gargouille says:

    Hello Jay!
    I have no knowledge of C Friedrich ERN using swirl and a crown as a maker mark, perhaps a (faded) arabic sword and a crown, maybe?
    It seems the company stills exist today, alltough famous for their straight razors they did manufacture pocket knifes.
    Usually when a knife is labeled “Germany” it was made after WWII and produced as an export item.
    – Please do send us some photos!

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