BC vintage camping knife

7 de February de 2014

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An old BC Camping knife

Blades: Carbon Steel. Fork on the rear end
Blade print: BC
Handle: wood, painted (burnt?) black stripes

Origin: Spain? (Galicia, Astúrias, León or Northeast Portugal?)

Help needed to identify this knife.

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  1. Jose Luis says:


    My name is Jose Luis, I’m a Spanish collector of pocket knives and I’ve seen your post which shows an old piece signed BC.

    I’m writing to you because I’m interested in that piece and I wonder if you would be willing to sell or trade for other more modern pieces. If you’re interested, I can pass you by mail photos of knives for a possible Exchange. Or, if you are interested in some Spanish knife, I can find it for you.

    I wait for your answer.

    Greetings from Asturias.

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