Extrema Ratio 185 RAO Testudo

6 de June de 2013

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Extrema Ratio, 185ºRAO

Blade: N690 (58 HRC) black colbalt steel, partialy serrated, chisel tip.
Testudo Coating (carbonitruro di zirconio)
Blade width: 120mm
Blade thickness: 6mm
Handle: Anticorodal aluminum, black
Weight: 340g (505g. With seath)
Sheath: Cordura, black, MOLLE compatible. Allows both closed and open knife carry.
Origin: Italy

Secure the diamond sharpener under the lower lock of the holster, as the above image shows, or it will be very easily lost while pulling the knife out from the holster, as it almost happened to me…

RAO_testImage: Extrema Ratio

Bio: The 185° RAO is the ‘single department’ within the Italian armed forces who is in charge of conducting long-range reconnaissance and acquisition targets of various kinds in order to enable their engagement with fire from artillery, helicopters, airplanes and ships in all hypothetical scenarios in operations of the armed forces, joint and combined.
A job delicate and extremely risky conducted detachments that have the ability to infiltrate, operate and survive in hostile territory through hard training out of the ordinary for a period of two years. One detail that allows an action potential that no other department has as part of the Italian Armed Forces. The motto of this special operation regiment is “VIDERE NEC VIDERI”, from the Latin word “see without being seen”.

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