Extrema Ratio Knives Collection

18 de February de 2016

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These are part of my Extrema Ratio knives and gear collection

Extrema Ratio knives, have been part of my favorites since I accidentally found a picture of one in a google search a few years ago.

I frequently carry one (or two) of the folders as my EDC knife, and the fixed blades are amongst my choices as backup knives evertime I go to any “delicate situation”, camping or the wilds.

As I’ve said, although the smaller folders are very frequent on my EDCs, I don’t use any of the ERs as workhorses. In my opinion they are way too expensive for that purpose, therefore I tend to use other, decent, but cheaper, blades as primary work blades.

In the next months I intend to buy the Extrema Ratio MF0 (medium folder knife) which is in my opinion the best compromise between carryable size and function as an EDC knife, within the Extrema Ratio range.


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