Very old Albacete Spanish knife

27 de December de 2014

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Antique Navaja Albacete Siglo IXX

Manufacturer: NA
Lock: Ratchet lock mechanism, back spring.
Blade: Carbon Steel.
Blade print: Inittials “NA” (Capital), carved/chiseled floral decoration to both sides of the blade with red inlay vestiges. Missing tip.
Handle: Horn, (quite dammaged on one side), Brass bolsters
Total length: 39.5cm (40cm with missing tip)
Blade lenght: 18cm (18.5cm with missing tip)
Origin: Albacete(?), Spain (IXX Century)

Bio: (Collection S) Part of a collection offered by a friend. This collection belonged to his grand-father, a wealthy man who’s favorite hobby was hunting in Africa (mostly Angola) in the 1930-60’s.


Vestigial Red inlay on engravings

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