Hierros Michel – Euskal daga

14 de November de 2013

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Medieval Dagger – Handmade in Navarra

Manufacturer: Hierros Michel. Est.2001
Handmande by Miguel Angel Redrado Salvatierra. His working technique is completely handmade work, which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable. In the coal forge he uses iron works and steel on the anvil with the hammer to give each piece a unique character.
Handle will soon receive a propper covering.
Origin: Fustiñana, Navarra, Spain. Nafarroako Foru Erkidegoa

Bio: This was an unexpected gift from a friend, who took it from his own collection and offered it to me, just because I just-loved the knife when he showed it to me.
Special thanks to you, my “Crazy” brother…


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