Vintage Nicker small hunting knife

6 de February de 2014

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A nice full-tang old Nicker hunting knife

Blade: Carbon Steel, full tang (rat-tail tang)
Handle: Stag horn
Sheath: Leather, black. (These types of sheaths have no belt loop. They are designed to be worn in a special pocket sewn into the traditional Bavarian leather pants “Trachtenlederhose”. )

Origin: Unknown, probably Solingen – Germany.
Period: Early XX or late XIX Century.

Bio: The ‘Nicker’ is not just used as a knife for food prep or as an accessory for the traditional Bavarian ‘Lederhose’: it has been a serious tool for hunters for a long time.

Its name ‘Nicker’ derives from the way it is used by hunters. The knife is used to quickly release a wounded animal from its suffering. Skilled hunters use the Nicker to stab the animal into the first cervical vertebra (Atlas) which results in instantaneous death. This process is called ”abnicken” in German; hence the name ‘Nicker’.

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