Guillermo Hoppe – Vintage carving set

2 de December de 2015

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GUILLERMO HOPPE SOLINGEN – vintage carving knife and fork

Brand/Maker: Wilhelm Hoppe and Co. (GUILLERMO HOPPE)
Blade: Carbon Steel
Tang Stamp: GUILLERMO HOPPE Mace (symbol) SOLINGEN
Handle: Wood
Origin: Solingen, Germany
Period: Late XIX / first half of XX Century

BIO: Wilhelm Hoppe and Co. a manufacturer of razor blades in Solingen which was in production from 1859 (although the trademark is 1881).
Later the brand was taken over by J.A. Henckels, so you can see many knives bearing “JA Henckels – William Hoppe” (and a few that only bear “William Hoppe” with its original stamp).
William Hoppe blades are reputed to be one of the best in the world.

ciullepmohoppe-solingen-vintage-carving-knife_02CIU LLEP MOHOPPE Morning star weapon (symbol) SOLINGEN detail.
Help needed on clarifying this apparently incomprehensible tang print CIULLEPMOHOPPE – solved: GUILLERMO HOPPE SOLINGEN

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